Bitcoin craze sweeps Bay Street – and looks a lot like the dot-com boom

Clad in a baseball cap and a dark polo shirt, Anthony Di Iorio is a stark contrast against the sea of suits. Mr. Di Iorio, a prominent cryptocurrency investor and entrepreneur, paces across the stage as he addresses a crowd of more than 400 portfolio managers, investment advisers and high net worth investors gathered in Toronto's financial district to learn about bitcoin. 

"How many here are thinking that they want to invest in the space?" Mr. Di Iorio asks.

Most of the hands in the room shoot up.

"That's what I kind of figured."

The Design Exchange, located inside the historic building that once housed the Toronto Stock Exchange, is a suitable venue for Mr. Di Iorio's speech about how technology is poised to disrupt the world of finance. Many years ago, this place was home to a bustling trading floor and an army of stockbrokers. Today, it serves as an old-world backdrop against which entrepreneurs such as Mr. Di Iorio – who briefly served as chief digital officer for the TSX – are pitching Bay Street on the new world of cryptocurrencies.

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Published by the Globe and Mail.